Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Making me smile today

The prospect of a trip to Athens...even if it is strictly business with unknown consequences.

This i-phone ap by the a-ma-zing Cafe Cartolina makes the trip seem a luxurious adventure!

Drinking Martinis last night with my bf in town and musing about our "before" lives in the capital, politics and the fabulous 80s. 
We'll watch the world going down drinking 

This photo from The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation current exhibition covering the emerging middle class in the city of Nafplion the years between 1822-1922. 
I am so fond of this period of Greek history. There was hope and passion and that "Can Do" attitude.

White shirts

A lovely post by the wonderful chic Lisa Porter

And also

Τhis painting by Jen Ramos
rosy in a contemporary way
Feel free to gift it to me for my Birthday:)

A très bientôt!


demie said...

Irene, i am allways loving your posts! although i can feel the melancholy in it, there is a sparkle of optimism in the air. history does that to us Greeks. η Ελλάδα εχει πέραση πολλά δύσκολα- απλά εμεις δεν υπήρχαμε τότε. Never lose hope : )

demie said...

Irene, i have posted a comment here , i am sure, but it never got apeared... anyway. hope you are doing ok. we are all sad about what hapens in greece right now...

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

hello there.

so much goodness here. love the organic shirt and painting.

Pink Princess said...

I remember Napflion as a really pretty little city! I wish I could see the exhibit, looks wonderful!

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