Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sofia Design Week 2011

Design is for all. I am a firm and true believer of this.
Whether consciously buying design or not, one is constantly surrounded by design, whether he likes it or not.
I was thus interested in this year's Sofia Design Week motto:
"Design is All Around"
because it is indeed so true.
I believe that good design, one that takes into account form and matter, aesthetics and practicalities, shapes us, lifts our spirits, makes our lives a lot more beautiful and perhaps easier.

International Fairs are a great way to meet new designers and be inspired by developping ideas and trends.
This month, the thid Sofia Design Week is being held June 10-18 in various locations in the Bulgarian capital, including parks, cafes, restaurants and the city's international airport.  
Topics include product design, graphic and industrial design, jewellery, toys, book covers, art installations and food.
This year, there is a special section on children-Sophia Design Week Kids, which aims to establish a relationship between design and children and their parents, through games, workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Another interesting feature comes in the form of The International Design Forum with guests from across Europe.

Read about Sofia Design week here, and make sure you leaf through Edno magazine, a nice surpsise. There is the Summer 2011 issue, there are also past issues right here. Check their Flickr photostream here.


love, Irene


Chef in Training said...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the exhibitors. This year, is not possible for us expose, but next year we will be there.

Good luck

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