Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cath Kids-ton

my girls are too old to fit in them
though they used to wear flowery stuff
and kids at school used to tell them
"why did you come school with your pyjamas?"
but i explained that those children didn't know anything about kids fashion and dressed miss sixty and burberry's from the age of the cradle
so when would they be kids?
and my girls thankfully believed me
because i do believe that a child should dress like a child

I love those girls outfits from the new Cath Kids line and if you have any youngsters around, or just wanna have a look press the button and check them out :)

P.S. Even if you don't you will be smitten by the accessories
and you may borrow them
like this patch pack




Fifi Flowers said...

Your post is live on Reading is Fashionable today...

demie said...

so cute! i have a little doughter. she is three. thanks. she will love them! and i do agree. kids should dress as kids...

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