Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday's Fabulous Finds-Vintage, White and Flowers

A stroll through some of the pictures and blogs that grabbed my attention this week.

Paint me White is an Australian blog, full of light.
Visit for beautiful DIY transformations
using white paint.

A beautiful garden of roses so fragrant that their perfume lingers with you, can be found in Helene Flont's blog.
If you love roses, yu will enjoy Ms. Flont's rose paintings.
Artisitc photography at Seelen Sachen.

I love Boden!
Probably the most fun company to work with. 
Look what they've done to this car. 
Found at Beldecor
Added bonus: currently playing some of my favorite songs ever,
the soundtrack from Something's Gotta Give.

If you like vintage, take a look at my sidebar.
The images link to my newly stocked brocante.

Enjoy the weekend!

love, Irene

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