Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shopping for magazines

I am a girl with issues. I know that.
I could easily blame it on my mom who was a hoarder.
But then she was a child of WWII 
and WWII children grew up to be hoarders.

I also have issues of my own. 
As in, I like my stuff. 
There is so much work in the pages of a magazine,
I feel it is a pitty to throw it in the trash. 

So most of them, are keepers. 

And you know what?
I did so well to keep them! 
They may be taking over my office, and make me exacerbate
but hey, those tough times my mom was predicting? 

So, last weekend
knowing that I could not afford another magazine for a long time,
I shopped my bookshelves
for magazines. 
And here is my loot. 
Nice as new. 
My Summer magazine reads are right here, right now. 

love, Irene

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