Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Diane Keaton clothes, plates and homes

It is no secret that I am an honnest fan of  Diane Keaton's.
If you've read my profile page, you know that Something's Gotta Give and Baby Boom are among my favorite feel good films ever.
So, I was thrilled to see the December issue of  Elle Deco feature an article on Ms. Keaton.
It is written in my favorite Q&A format as in
"Diane Keaton's Must-Have list: What she can't live without",
that is sharp and enlightening cause it makes people answer on the spot.
 And, surprise, Diane and I have one great article in common:
Oh yes, she is a lady close to my heart!
What's more, if more can be,
she also like lighthouses, which I love,
 and carries big bags, like I do, eventhough mine is not a Louis Vuitton,
though I would love a Louis Vuitton ;) 
I also saw her recently in some Chico's ads.
 She looks great, the kind of confident, relaxed and somehow tongue in cheek attitude that I love, in a style that is beyond time and age, and so perfectly her.
Very me, too!

Her Spanish style home -in fact she has renovated several houses in her native Southern California and she has even co-authored a substantial book on local architecture called California Romantica: Spanish Colonial and Mission-Style Houses- is sober and majestic-no frills, with favorite browns and blacks, very earthy and non frivolous, but with surprising touches, like these upside down lights that look so perfectly in place, and the cacti in lieu of the more expected-and therefore predictable- fruit and veggies on the kitchen counter.

Now Ms. Keaton has ventured into the design world herself, creating a line of bold, no nonsense everyday housewares for Bed Bath & Beyond

Though not my style (I like less matter-of-fact styles and more cheerful clourways) I find very true and charming what she said in an interview to the NY Times back in June. 
When asked 
Is the dishware inspired by anything in your own life?
Ms. Keaton answered:
I have a daughter who’s 15 and a son who’s 10. My life is such that I have these old dishes that I eat off with my kids. I’ve broken them, and all that. What’s come of all this is I like sturdy. I want something I feel will last and has some weight to it and is very simple. Like, for example, I don’t understand why we don’t eat more food out of bowls. I could eat all of my meals out of bowls.

Another favorite answer came when she was asked what kind of style she is considering for her new home. She answered:
There’s this American look which I think comes out of this factory-barn idea. The materials that are used are the kinds I find very appealing.I love cement. I love wood. I love shingle. I love casement windows. I’m now in love with shake roofs. I’m interested in roofs because they’re the most undervalued yet beautiful part of a home.I have a lot of theories, you see. 
A very interesting woman, a lady I'd love to meet, and i am sure we'd get along perfectly well together :) 

 {Elle Decor article here.The NY Times interview here.}

  love, Irene

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