Saturday, 3 December 2011

12 Christmas Crafts n' Gifts

I hope everyone is happy and well
and looks forward to the most rebirthing time of the year.
Christmastime is all about nesting and spending time with loved ones.
It is also about presents and dreams fulfilled to the best of our abilities and imaginations.
Even if we aren't anything close to Martha Stewart, there is always something that we can make, craft or cook, to give a little joy and satisfaction to ourselves and our loved ones over Christmas.
Here is my pick of crafts and home made presents for this festive season


1.Owl ornaments

These are so whimsical!
The Owl being the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, the owl is also a meaningful ornamnet for the Christmas tree, encouraging the quest for self-development in our children and ourselves.


2. Holiday Burlap Pillows

Very classy and now, they will grace the holiday home for seasons to come.
This one is a particularly good craft for classrooms and the Boy Scouts.
If you do a holiday sale, this will work marvelously.


3. Cross-stitch winter scenes

Cross-stitching is simple, quick and heartwarming.
Plus, red, green and white is a Christmas classic.



4. Deeelicious and eye catching candy bark

Put in crispy clear wrap, add red and green tape
and gift around or sell at the school fair.


5. 12 Days of Christmas cookies

Stop by the Food Network and take your pick!
My favorite?
These chocolate cheesecake candy bars,
a very happy marriage of a brownie and a cheesecake!


6.Candy coloured sewing kit

This is so clever!
Who doesn't need a sewing kit?
If it is a little fancy and sweet, too, all the better.
I love this useful, beautiful and frugal craft!



7. Quote art

Now, supposing sewing or cooking is not one's best pick.
What can one offer to a favorite person?
A word of advice
A wise word
A favorite quote
Something needed and longed for.
Pick a nice antique or handmade piece of paper
a fountain pen
or crayons
and scroll away.


8. Kids' Christmas Books

 I can never get enough of kids' Christmas books. I love the happy tales where the tortured being ends up loved and warm and the beautiful paintings make me sing my heart out like a child in a blizzard.


9.Make a list

Make a list of your favorite songs. Christmas songs, love songs, children's songs.
Share the music, make the air vibrate with happy sounds.


10.Apple Cider

Tea, yes.
Something more festive and of the season, perhaps?
A glass of hot apple cider?
I say yes!



11. Mail or Frame

Free, high quality printables are easily accessible.
Have them print professionally or home print
and add an instant stylish update to the home gallery artwork.
Mail, e-mail
or make a totally personalised calendar to gift
and bring a smile to the loved ones' face every day of the year.


12. You and Him

the biggest gift to your loved ones is YOU
and the greatest gift to us all is HIM.
Remember and rejoice!

love, Irene


Marydon said...

I got stuck on #4 ^ #5 ... yummy. Lovely share.

Have a beautiful week ~

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Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers said...

Thanks for sharing my burlap pillows! Love all of the ideas you pulled together.

Karen said...

What wonderful ideas! I especially like the burlap pillows and the sewing kits :) Merry Christmas!

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