Thursday, 29 December 2011

Jamie Oliver's Family Christmas

Do you like Jamie Oliver?
I mean, as a cook, a writer and a tv host, of course ;)

I do.
And my girls are madly in love with the guy.
Him being cute
and cooking
and being so nice and casual about it.

~sigh and smile~

Around Christmas we watched him cook on Jamie Oliver's Family Christmas
(there is also a dvd of him doing his Xmas magic, Jamie's Christmas ).
Also check his festive website at
You want to see some more?

Check this


love, Irene


demie said...

love that guy!!!

kali xronia Eirini mou me ygeia kai hara : )

Michel said...

I wish you a very happy News Year, dear Irene !!!!

Beauty Follower said...

Μου ανοιξε η ορεξη για pancakes!

Mimi said...

He is super!
I like very :-) Thank you for visiting.

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