Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday's Fabulous Finds: Country Mouse-City Mouse

When was my previous FFF post? 
Can't be serious!
Oh OK, then.
Time to catch up with what catches my eye every week.
I hope you can join me, too!

This week I found a lovely article on style. 
Men's style.
I love men's style. 
I would gladly dress most days in men's clothes.
They are so practical and no nonsense. 
I'd add pearls or a broach and bracelet, but I love the cut of men's clothes. 
The article reads Country Mouse & City Mouse.

What Are City Clothes?
Broadly speaking, city clothes are made to match the aesthetics and demands of city life. That means they’re largely built for business.
Defining characteristics:
  • An urban color palette of gray and blue.
  • Solid-colored suits.
  • Business-striped suits.
  • Small-scale checks in conservative colors.
  • Worsted wool.
  • Black leather shoes and accessories.
  • Color in patterned shirts and (in some cases) ties.
  • Dressing down from suits with conservative blazers.
What are Country Clothes?
Country clothes are defined by their sporting heritage and their ties to the colors of the outdoors.
Defining characteristics:
  • A country color palette featuring the colors of nature, like tans, browns, and greens, with sometimes-bold complimentary accents, like burgundy and orange.
  • Frequent use of bold patterns, like checks and multi-colored tweeds.
  • Suits often replaced with sport coats and odd (non-matching) trousers.
  • Sporting details like hacking pockets, ticket pockets, patch pockets and leather buttons.
  • Fabrics with soft finishes and sporting heritage, like tweed, corduroy and flannel.
  • Brown leather accessories, including suede and heavier shoes and boots.

The post ends with the phrase;
No matter what you choose to wear, let it be informed by a hundred years of history and tradition.

Since that is bound to include famous eccentrics.
So I'll gladly join the company.

Read the full article here.

Have Fun!

  love, Irene

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