Friday, 9 March 2012

Fashion Friday:Charlotte, Gucci and my first heels

Isn't she beautiful? 
Usually I am not a big fan of Charlotte's or the Monegasque family. I really like Her Serene Highness Princess Caroline. I have admired her for decades for her poise and style, and for the way she handled most of life's turns over the years. Charlotte always looked a little too high browed for my royal tastebuds. I also think her taste in boyfriends is rather below her.
And yet,
I like the way she grows into a beautiful young lady. 
 I love her ad for Gucci, just out this week. She is photographed by master photographer Peter Lindbergh.
 I love the colours, the composition, the products that were chosen.

Gucci and I have a rather long story together.
Long before Tom Ford took over, Gucci was very much what you see in this ad. A printed toile with red and green stripes. Quite obvious, but very stylish.
My fondest memory of Gucci will always be the gift I received from my mother upon graduating from L'Institut Français d' Athènes
My first heels. 
Two pairs of Gucci shoes, one in blue one in mocca brown, with the house logo, green-red-green tape and classic guilding. 

This pair is not actually one of my own, but it actually gives you an idea of the style and cut of the late 1980s.
I have so much enjoyed wearing those shoes, eventhough I had no idea at the time of the vintage cult that would follow, and haven't saved them for posterity.

Back to Charlotte, at 26, I love to see her grow into a sophisticated young lady. She certainly has all the background to do so, and I really hope she will. Here are a few of my favorite recent photos of her.

This one in Paris in January.

For Vanity Fair

In Gucci at an equstrian competition 

Here is a video of the beautiful mother and daughter duo.

And here is a video of the Gucci shoot via Hello magazine.
Love behind the scenes!

I hope I entertained you all for this Fashion Friday post. 

Whatever you do, do it with style.
love, Irene


Audrey said...

Lovely pictures!! Have a great weekend:) xo Audrey

Galen Pearl said...

I haven't kept up with Charlotte so much, so I enjoyed these photos.

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