Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday's Fabulous finds-Blogs about England

From time to time I think of England. 
 Our young years take the patina of nostalgia over time. The things we didin't know we had, the people that were worth spending time with, the trips we didn't make when we could...
But then, I've always loved England. 
The stories of my (late) grand-father, how he and my grand mother were asked to establish a Greek-Orthodox community in the South of England in the 1950s, the flowery slip covers in my mom's sitting room, straight from England, how odd it all adds up.
I am in one of those moods these days, 
and I have been going through my bookmarks for those special sites that capture fragments of my memories.
See if they tell you something
~place is irrelevant, oftentimes~,
and tell me in the comments, or e-mail me, if you feel like it.

Life on the East End at

Stylish pictures with the occasional remarks on life in the big city at
The bottom of the ironing basket

I like India Knight.
I guess you know that by now.
She recently moved here, but I think you'll enjoy most her posts here.

For the English homey feel, with flowers and croshet, I go to
Attic 24.

Enjoy the bloglovin'

love, Irene

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