Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Easter 2012

There is a sense of anticipation at Easter time.

After the Holy Week, when we collect our thoughts and delve in the quieteness,
starting Saturday morning with the "first resurrection" gospel, joy makes its way back.
With the lighting of the Holy Light from Jesus' tomb in Jerusalem


 and the happy message "He is Risen!"

Life begins to take a more joyful turn again
with a new blessing and new hope for the gift of life, 
and a new opportunity to make something meaningful of our lives.

After the midnight service we came home
 to a hot soup, the mageiritsa,

Easter eggs and tsoureki

and of course my Easter cookies
(all time favorite with my Greek coffee or a glass of cold milk!)

There was oven roasted lamb (a little goat, actually) for lunch

(by the way, the mustard in the background was a treat. Very hot, but I love it!)

And a chocolate treat.
A Cadbury's milk chocolate egg, courtesy of our eldest!

There were eggs to be, well, smashed

A chocolate bunny from a dear God-mother to be enjoyed.

He Is Risen!

I hope your Easter was beautiful!

  love, Irene

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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Yes, that's Easter all right! Although we do avgolemeno and lamb on the souvla.

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