Thursday, 19 April 2012

Spring in our garden

My garden looks like this.
This is actually the cutest part.

There is a tree that turned brown.

And plenty of wild greenery that some I recognize as eddible, some I dunno. For example, does any of you, o wise friends, know what plant is this and whether it is edible? It is velvety soft and I have two bushes growing wild in my garden, so they'd better be ;)

So, last week, I put my gardening equipment to use and raided my garden.

Some keepers, there.

Some lettuce and onion growing slowly during the winter months.

And some strawberries that begin blooming.

And this is my small apple tree that I adore. She's a beauty! Now I need to plant some seeds, and if I can find some non-greenhouse tomatoes to plant straight in the ground. 

And did I mention the tulips?
I bought them bulbs in Amsterdam in Spring 2011 and they are now blooming. 
I love beautiful, living memories.

How is your garden growing?

love, Irene

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