Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Interview-Oh So Fine, Denmark

Oh So Fine is a graphic design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Designer and founder is Mette Bonavent.

I was first drawn to Oh So Fine's Mother Earth female figures
and her folk art inspired birds.

Or, this is how I conceived them.
Is this what she had in mind creating them?

I believe that one of the most beautiful aspects of Art is that it is open to interpretation.
A work of art can trigger different emotions and make emerge different kinds of past images in different people's minds.
Isn't that wonderful ?

With these thoughts in mind, I set about asking my questions.
Here are her oh so fine answers.


1.How did you get started on Art?

I am actually a talented painter and earlier I loved to draw by hand. But a couple of years ago I fell in love with making graphic art using my computer. And now I hardly ever use a pencil anymore.

2.Apart from inspiration Art needs courage, I believe.
Do you think so, and where do you find yours?

I don't think creating art needs courage, but showing your art to other people can be quite intimidating, I guess.

3. How did you come about finding your artistic language?

I found my artistic language sitting in front of my computer. The moment I learned how to create vectorized graphics, I could express exactly what I wanted.

4.Your work looks to me very earthy and influenced by folk art.
How would you describe your sources of inspiration?

Basically I work with block shapes, silhouettes and graphic patterns. I am very much inspired by my childhood memories, folklore artifacts and the 50's and 60's style illustration and design. Also I tend to drag a lot of nature into my work; birds, trees, flowers and so on. It is very natural for me, to give my work a simple and scandinavian touch, no matter if I am doing papercuts, prints og wooden products.

5.What do you love most about being a creative person who exposes their vision to the public?

I am so fortunate to work with the thing I love most. And I do love everything about it! I love the whole creative process, from finding inspiration, to working with shapes, colors and materials, and to showcase the final design.

6.Any dreams that want to come forward?

I have many dreams! I would love to create a range of printed fabrics and illustrate book covers.
My next dream to chase is actually not far away - but still a secret.

Thank you, Mette. We look forward to be in the know of your future artistic ventures.

*You may purchase Oh so fine prints and wooden objets,
made of recycled paper, vegetable inks and solid fumed oak, here.*

love, Irene

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