Wednesday, 31 October 2012

8 Things to do in the autumn

Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year!
However, we usually rush through it, looking forward to Christmas or being busy with getting ready for Christmas. But wait! Stop! Take a deep breath and look around!

1.Add some colour.

Indulge in the season's browns and oranges.

2.Pick up those leaves. 
Feel like a child. Marvel at the beauty, the colours, the perfume of the land.

3.Eat your greens. 
Autumn offers an abundance of greens that can be hearty and healthy.
Plus all the apples and oranges to keep your palate krisp and clean.

4. Take a hike. 


It's so much easier when you are not sweating and the sun doesn't burn your head. 

5.Travel off season. 
Prices are lower so now is the perfect time to visit a usually busy spot and have it all to yourself. 
Enjoy the attention. 

6.Get behind the wheel.

...And enjoy the Fall countryside 

7.Cross stitch, knit, make something with your hands.

8. Eat breakfast

Inspired by this article.

I am determined with God's help not to less myself pass by this beautiful time of the year. 
 I will report on what I did.

 Take care,

love, Irene

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