Sunday, 4 November 2012


 Awkward (with my youngest she, who is a fan. I love her and I liked it!)
That's what I see when you tell me to get off the computer mom, she said. So I had to sit and watch.

You've got mail
And I cried. Again.

 +I looove Nora Ephron!
- Couldn't help thinking of our old shop.The scenario is so similar.

I haven't told you much about the twists and turns. But, well, I have set to tune myself with what the Universe wants to tell me. So I am trusting God that what we do is for the best.


I don't know what to make of Princess Madeleine of Sweden fiance, Mr Christopher O'Neill. Does he not ever smile? Not even on his engagement to a gorgeous Nordic Princess? Does a job in finances turn you into such a stiff and tight lipped person from such an early age?


 Apparently it does.

Souvlaki for the Soul

Had some home made halva (btw, what a beautiful, unpretentious and on the spot blog this is!).


Our Athenian Christmas tree. An artificial one and a potted conifer. And fairy lights.

Did you do what you wanted to do today?

  love, Irene

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