Tuesday, 23 October 2012

An Elegant Parade

 Remember the royal wedding I worte about afew days ago?
Well, today for both your pleasure and mine, I have picked the best outfits of the wedding. I am also going to stay awhile with Maria-Teresa, the groom's mother. She escorted him on the day of his wedding in a glamorous red dress and cape and a fab brooch.

Here she is elegantissima in the civil ceremony prior to the wedding.

At the funeral of the bride's mother who passed away following a stroke just two months before the wedding.

Oh there they are, the current Grand Duke and Duchess, young and beautiful and in love. Cuban born Maria-Teresa confessed in 2000, after the passing of her mother in law, that the two women had a very difficult relationship.
Can't blame either, really. Imagine being European royalty and having to welcome a girl from a country that was so exotic and different, a commoner that had the looks of a movie star. Now imagine coming from a Carribean paradise and having to adapt in a stiff traditional environment. Thankfully the two of them have created a beautiful family.Grand Duke Henri and Maria Teresa look so good together.

Here is one of my favorite couples ever. Argentinian born Maxima, noble by her paternal descent form the Kings of Portugal, and William Alexander of The Netherlands. She has blossomed into her own extravagant style. Love her.

So discreet and elegant, yet with a sparkle in the eyes, Australian born Crown Pincess Mary of Denmark.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling. A lovely couple.

Ah, they look so good together. They actually look like they enjoy each other's company. 
Queen Margrethe II and her French born Prince Henrik of Denmark.

The Duke and Duchess of Braganza. Dom Duarte, head of the royal house of Portugal,and Dona Isabel are a sweet, down to earth couple.

There you go.
A breath of elegance and nonchalance.

Enjoy your day.

love, Irene

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