Sunday, 28 October 2012

Plus Fashion Winter 2012

It took me ages to realise I am a Plus Size woman. 
I have dieted three times in my life for long stretches of time, and I took back all of the weight and some more.
I ended up feeling worthless and unhappy.
Then, after gaining back all of the weight for the third time, I decided that enough is enough. I can't spend my life thinking about what to eat. 
So, I shifted my focus on how to accept my figure and dress myself accordingly. 

This is one of my favorite styles. 
A tunic dress with leggings or tights.
Opaque tights are comfortable and warm. 
A simple pair of shoes (I do love a little shine) lets you make a statement where you can. 

I have read on many occasions that wrap dresses DVF style, are uber chic to the plus-sized woman but never knew how to style them.
Now I do, seeing this Karen Kane number.
-Keep your own proportions in mind
-Add opaque tights
-Add a daring pair of shoes to lift the ensemble.

Talking of proportions . I know that box tops suit me.
This Tahari Woman Plus number would look perfect on my rather short Mediterranean figure.
This is the kind of outfit I love for work. 

Who can resist Michael Kors?
I find it just so thoughtful that people like Kors take into account real women who wear 14+ ,and design for them.
This Michael Kors number is chic enough while it covers all that may need to be covered.
Plus, it offers that extra feline edge that after reaching 40 I have come to appreciate in moderate quantities, such as in one of my favorite winter scarves.

That's a perfect number for night.
Who wants to spend the night thinking where to fold their legs or arms to keep the flabby bits off sight?
Not me! 
I want to have fun when I can and know that I look polished.
Plus, I love long, fluid dresses. I think they are so feminine.

What's your favorite dressing style?
If you are thin, do you have any "fat day clothes" that ease you through those times?

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For more bautiful plus-size styles visit bloomingdale's

love, Irene

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