Monday, 7 January 2013

Finding your quiet spot


That little dot. That little quiet spot that you sometimes reach and most often long for. Do you have one? I am travelling along with my spots all of my life. I tune into myself and find some comfort and warmth. I listen when I am quiet. I stop and breath and am all quiet inside.

I have fancied myself and painter. I believe it'd be liberating. The big strokes of royal blue, the paint dripping. But i have always worked with words. I must honour them cause they are earning me who I am.

I'd love to travel. Travel more. Be a journalist. A dispatch journalist reporting from some important city in an important country where all the buzz happens.

i think I am in the right place.

i have spent 15 years of my life doing what I should do. By doing what I should do, I discovered what I like to do. And that is writing. and taking pictures. And talking psychology. And reading. And all this needs to come out this year, I can feel the rush of the things piling all these years and being ready now to get a life outside of me. It is my need to be free.

Funny how you find yourself by getting away from it and how you get to accomplish what you are by welcoming yourself into a life you never thought that fit you.

So, I am not a farm girl. Nor a crafty girl. Nor a bekeress. Mush as I love other lady bloggers, like soulemama and anna-maria and cherry, it's settled, for the time being, I'm not any one of them.

I am here. Plain and clear. I have run my distance and now I look at my own quiet little spot.


If I have one piece of advice to give, it'll be
Listen to yourself.

love, Irene

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