Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day doodling

Splash of Pink

Hello, friends,

Did you know today is Mother's Day?
I couldn't help it because Facebook was full of cute messages to mothers. As I said, cute.
I also guess a great many bloggers will have on display all those funny crafts kids make at school and give to mums. Since my kids are way past the 6 year old milestone, I am not expecting any crayon roses and hearts anytime soon, not unless my eldest marries at 18 and has a baby at 19 which would make me a 49 year old granny of a six year old grand child. Which is quite OK with me, as long my kid is happy.

Mary Engelbreit

Did you get a special wildflower bouquet for they day?
Did your kids wake you up for a a very special breakfast of scrumbled eggs?

No, none of these for me.
My kids realised it was Mother's Day at about  8 p.m. And here is how. They opened google and found their innivative transformable, creative graph.
Oh mom, look, it;s mother's day, they said.

Girl in the middle said: Oh mom, what would we do without you.
Boy said: Let me get up and give you a kiss.
And my eldest got to work. She clicked and picked and made me these digital doodles:

The reason you cannot see them is because Google doesn't let you right click on them and save or embed them to your website. Thank you, Google! You are one mean company.

Which makes me think:
The h@#$% with digital guys who put things out to the world only to show off.

Which makes me think:
 I must get some colouring pencils and ask my kids to get back to doodling.


Meanwhile, I got some fun hugging time with my girl while clicking the doodling, accompanied with plenty of kisses, and you know what? That's alright with me!

love, Irene

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