Friday, 10 May 2013

Tips for stress-free small spaces

Hang Drapes From Floor To Ceilling
This helps anchor a room and provides a cocooning effect. A simple valance disguises the workings of the window treatment, while implying a sense of architecture.

Add A Mirror

A strategically placed mirror makes a small space feel larger. Place one over a mantel or couch or in an entryway and notice how the reflection seems to expand and brighten the room.

Show Off Your Books
An artfully organized shelf of books can help divide a room into separate living spaces, while also holding sentimental belongings. Prominently display the books that are most meaningful to you.

Create A Nook

Designate one chair your “quiet area” and pull it into a corner, preferably near a window. Keep books, magazines, and handicrafts easily accessible by placing them on a side table or in a nearby basket.


love, Irene



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