Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fashion Destination:South Africa

I was thrilled to discover these beautiful pictures and share them on my Pinterest boards. I can hear them sing Summertime in the happiest tune!
These pictures actually come from a most interesting clothing company I discovered only recently, called, Tea.
Tea offers practical luxury and inspired design for babies, children and mamas, which are built to last in both styling and materials. A great plus for me is that they're made of natural fibers. Natural fibers feel great on the skin and are easy to care for. They are also practical, because they are designed as separates, dresses, leggings, graphic teas, etc. that mix and match and thus can be easily layered to move smoothly from one season to the next.
Tea Collection offers 20% off all shorts! Or you may use their 20% off the Welcome Baby Collection at Tea Collection with code LULLABY20! offer.
To view their stunning summer catalogue, click here.


love, Irene

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