Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Easter, looking for a house and our May wreath

He is Risen!

Hello, friends,

I am back to my blogging base. I took a Lent blogging break challenge to keep my mind more focused on the days leading to Easter.
I did pop over to Twitter and Pinterest from time to time.
I hope you all had a good time.

We spent some lovely days over Eastertime. Really relaxing, lots of naps and taking in the salty air and sunshine. It's great to be with people who love you and care for you. I am grateful.

Good Friday
Roses my father in law collected from his garden for the May 1st wreath

I spent this afternoon in bed. I have a toothache that will have to wait till Friday, a good two days, that's the closest dentist's appointment I could get. Thankful for a good dentist, though.

After a week of high temperatures, more Summer than Spring, at circa 30 to 35C, we had a fresh afternoon. The air smells of grass and fresh laundry that hangs in our back yard.

Housewise we have been trying to find a new house. Although I like this place, and we have been fixing it, here and there, the truth is it is an old house, that keeps asking for things to be done. And somehow DH has set his mind on moving, less than a year after we moved here. I must say I find the househunting experience interesting. With my combined experience of sales and customer service with home interiors, I believe I'd make an excellent Estate Agent ;-) But right now we are on the lookout for a rental.

We have seen one place that I and the kids liked but DH did not, because it was brand new and soul-less  -I looove brand new, especially a brand new bathroom would be great-, one place that DH loved and the kids disliked, and tomorrow we are going to see another two places, one that I saw on my own, and own we are seeing for the first time.

As I write, I realise I haven't shown you any pictures of our current home. So that's one thing to expect in the coming days.

Sending love and hugs to all of you



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fevis said...

Best of luck on your house hunting, I know from experience it can be a bumpy ride...:) xxxx

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