Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday's Fabulous Finds-Homey Ideas

Do you , too, need a little kick in oder to update your styling at home?
These blogs will sure inspire you.
Remember, it needn't be perfect to be beautiful.
"Leave room in your Garden for the Fairies to Dance" here has me thinking about gardening again.
This retired ladder, here,  made me think of displaying my little treasures
that I brought over the weekend from house in the North.
Ginger Jar No. 4 Pillow
Anne's fabulous pillows made me think of a chinese jar , hidden somewhere in the North.
For another trip, perhaps.
We keep looking for a new home.
My prefered luxury would have to be a pool.
This one looks so charming and it is a real life project!
I hope you are having a lovely time,
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Stephanie said...

some great finds here. I wouldn't mind a pool in the heat of summer either!

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