Thursday, 11 July 2013

Capsule living


Hus-1 is a small house designed and built by Torsten Ottesjö. The building was constructed on site. The idea is a dwelling as personification. The dwelling features convex walls which seam together with the floor creating both a sense of airiness and a naturally curved seating space along the sides of the interior. The structure is free-standing, so it can be moved anywhere; though the feeling is that it has actually sprouted out of the ground it rests on.

The 25 sqm house aims to provide a living space beyond understanding. It is supposed to fit, to enable - not to distract or cause attention. Hus 1 regularly houses two people all year round but visiting friends always have room. Kitchen, sleeping quarters, dinner table, hallway and other functions are well integrated on just 25 square metres of living space.

TORSTEN OTTESJÖ is an architect based on the Scandinavian west coast who conceptualizes, designs, and constructs the works you see below. He believes in complexity, improvisation, and functionality. Torsten wants to inspire a different sort of building - something more suited to human beings.

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