Monday, 16 September 2013

An aristocratic wedding



I like me a good old-fashioned aristocratic wedding. Like the ones Tatler used to show us before it became a big expensive Hello with semi-trashy wannabe starlets. Oh well. Tant pis. because this week saw the wedding of James Meade to Lady Laura Marsham at St. Nicholas parish church in Gayton, Norfolk.

Mr Meade is part of   Prince William’s closest circle of friends and delivered a joint best man's  speech with Thomas van Straubenzee at the Buckingham Palace reception after the royal wedding in 2011.

Ms. Marsham is the daughter of Julian Marsham, the 8th Earl of Romney.

The wedding was attended by, among other, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Princess Catherine's sister, Pippa Middleton.

As the Bishop of Lynn who conducted the service, said afterwards:“Though I say it myself, it was a very happy service".

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