Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My dream home #1:Fantasy in NYC

Hello, Friends,
Do you have a dream house?
A collection of images that come together and create a pattern that you see when you are not looking?
I sure know the feeling, and I love my interiors job, when everything falls into place!
This is my dream home that came together while I was pinning around.
What does it say about me?

::New York+Cinema::

169 East 71st Street, now listed for $5.85 million, featured in the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
::Let there be light!::

It can be shifted around with the touch of a wand and match the changing home fashions.

My aha! place.Jean Cocteau's home!

Oh and some gardening please!
I love gardening!
I love a touch of classy elegance. Makes me feel at home.
When what you have is enough
The Happy Turtle


Stephanie said...

to me, it says you have great taste! My sister works just a few blocks down 71st street from there. (She is closer to Central Park).

Happy Turtle said...

Why, Thank you, Stephanie! Do tell your sister to say "Hello" from me! I'd love to spend some time in NYC! Thnaks for stoping by!

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