Sunday, 23 March 2014

"Hotel chic" spacesaver appartment

From time to time, though not a minimalist in any way, I like a clean slate.
 That's what I see in this apartment in South Africa.

Look at the kitchen under the stairs
The breakfast nook cum isle.

Bookshelves double as Art by themselves.

Not bad, waking to that view.
And there is still space for a desk.

What do you think?

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bracelets that I love

What IS it with bracelets and Spring?
Once Winter goes round the corner, the green flashlight is bleeping

I love my carefree bling of cotton string and beads. 
Is it an "I am a carefree child" reaction?
Is it an "I'm a creative person" statement?
Is it an "I don't bother about gold; give me happiness" prayer of the soul?

Long necklaces, yes, I love them, too.


A talisman


A promise of sunshine and loved ones, 
and alltogether happy times.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Blue and White

Blue and White is such an elegant combination!
Goes with anything, really.

My kitchen in house in the North is blue.
Looks very similar to this one.

I love embroidery and fabrics and I love blue and white. 
This photo includes them both.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Three Shades of Pastels: Dusty, Vibrant or 50s?

These dusty pastels make me wish to redecorate my mil's house. 
Some of those antique distressed pieces would look great in some pretty dusty floral fabrics.
 I love the softness of those balloon curtains!
Have you seen the linen slipcovers? 
Love them!

Ha! What a quirky assemblage!
Elegant, happy, juicy, deliciously and playfully vibrant pastels.
That golden leaf plate is pure perfection!
And that golden pot!
The coffee cup!
And that funny teapot out of Alice in Wonderland!

Or perhaps, would you like a more moody, opinionated, eclectic 50s pastel?
I love books in the kitchen
and clay pots
and a fragrant wind blowing gently through open windows.
{ Have you noticed the play between WIND and WINDows? Isn't language exciting? }

What kind of pastel are you?


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

...and 2 Irenes make 3

Let me introduce you to two Irenes whose nests on the net I like. 

Irene Hoofs started her famous "Bloesem" blog in 2006. She shares design, art and craft inspiration. i like her light and airy, almost transparent taste.

Irene Kim has an earthy quality that is however hard to pind down.

Go say "hi".
I guarantee a few moments of peace (Irene) 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Beautiful pictures to start the week

Hello, Friends, 
May your week be beautiful, full of grace and the fragrance of Spring.
 Here is what's inspiring me this week

What would Spring be without flowers?

What woulf life be without good friends?

Springtime, dining al fresco
revamped, thanks to Ikea
(hey, I'll be there tomorrow!)

Do you feel like redecorating, even a little bit?
I feel so inspired by the mix of this black and white rug and those floral curtains.
Look how cleverly the colour black is picked off of the curtains!

Do you feel those green fingers itching?

I shall be looking for those potted herbs!
And I'm sure you'll be inspired by the colours of this bohemian home, that is full of attitude!

Psst! It comes with a downtown creative studio for two!

I hope your week is brilliant!

Friday, 14 March 2014

In love with an IKEA desk

I know that quite alot of people feel self-conscious about shopping at Ikea. 
Sometimes I may feel so, myself.
Particularly when we used to own a shop, I crossed once or twice customers in a nearby town Ikea shop and people would look at me in desbilief: Why would I ever want to purchase something :low line: if I could have great design, real wood and all natural materials in my own shop?

Truth is, Ikea has achieved something which obviously accounts for much of the company's success.
Their products have a style for sure, that is affordable. 
Most of their products are pretty durable.
And they make me happy.
Their shops make alot of people happy, too.
Which is a good thing. 

had a look at 
their new PS Collection.

I looove this desk!

...Great "bones"...

Look how it fits in every corner
makes you feel you have enough space for a desk.

Do you like shopping at Ikea?


Saturday, 8 March 2014



photo by Happy Turtle

source unknown

source unknown

probably- One Kings Lane





Have Fun!


Monday, 3 March 2014

In our garden in March

It may be raining, 
but Spring is just round the corner!


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