Tuesday, 13 September 2016

30 Day Journal Project -Day 8

"Start where you are...". 
Though I have subscribed some time ago, this is my first entry to Lisa Sonora's  30 Day Journal Project
This is challenging to me because I have decided to do it publicly. And public does make me feel nervous. But it is a commitment that I am willing to make. 
If you feel like joining, you may do so here.

So today's prompt is about Dare To Live Your Dreams 

Today’s Journal Prompts:

One of my biggest dreams is…
to live a financially independent life in a place by the sea, writing books and emptying my overflowing heart to heal and to help women in the journey of life
A dream I’ve never sharing with anyone is…
to become a leader in changing people's lives to the better
It would be daring to dream of…
moving to a greek village where i can finally live with yoghurt and flowers and daily swims, and writing under the moon
A dream for myself I’d like to rekindle is…
dancing and making a living of it
What is a dream you have dreamed for yourself? How is it daring?
 living my life with the one who makes me feel safe and cherished, with my loved one and our children forming an extended nest, where love happens and our dreams bloom into a beautiful reality

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