Friday, 16 September 2016

30 Day Journal Project -Day 9

I believe one has to stop holding back for fear of alienating some imaginary reader or real relative or friend, and come out with personal truth
Lunches are just not good. They take the heart out of the day and the spaciousness from the morning’s work.
I often feel exhausted, but it is not my work that tires (work is a rest); it is the effort of pushing away the lives and needs of others before I can come to the work with any freshness and zest.
May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude

Keeping a journal that is just for you is a sacred act. It creates a sacred place where you can begin telling the truth about what makes you happy, what you love, what turns you on, what you want more of, less of.

Today’s Journal Prompts:

If I dared to be myself, I’m afraid… I might end up lonely, poor, unloved
If I dared to be myself, I’m excited… that I may be happy, fulfilled, accomplished, successful
When I dare to be myself, it’s strange… how others learn to accept me, appreciate and love me
When I dare to be myself, this kind of genius emerges… that propells me forward, finding who i am, who i really am, who i have always been, who i want to be.

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