Monday, 18 September 2017

I know what my next home will look like!

It has been popping in front of me. Do I really?
Do I really want THAT simple? 
THAT modern? 
THAT different?
YES! I want simple, and bright, and clean.
I  WANT space allowing me to be ME. 
MY next HOME has been popping in front of my eyes 
here it is

Ah the shapes, the ligne, the simplicity of it! 
I'd be light like a feather
and FREE to imagine myself

Then it was Kasey's photo 
(one of my favorite bloggers who turned her life around, the same time my life turned and now is turning again!)

Followed by my one of my style icon's home 
(the other one is Ines)

Oh yes, I can do with a clean slate!


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