Monday, 25 September 2017

Lunching in Athens-The Kentrikon

Two men of my life, my father and my son, and myself, 
met for lunch the other day, in the center of Athens.  
Interestingly enough, my son chose not some fun new venue or some expensive fancy restaurant. 
He chose a (rather high end but still affordable) olde Athens restaurant in the center of the capital, the meeting place of artists and politicians. 
The old times ambiance is so obvious, like a time capsule. The pace is slower, the waiters are a bit stern but nice. 
We had a quiet lunch 
amidst portraits of famous Greek composers Miki Theodorakis and Mano Chadjidakis
whose photos grace the rather sober restaurant, 
hidden in a side street just off the buzz of Syntagma square.
We had stuffed peppers 
(they had run out of stuffed tomatoes, which is unacceptable 
unless you are some God forgotten tavern) 
a spaghetti carbonara and stuffed courgettes, that were perfectly balanced, 
honnest and homey, the way my mother-in-law would have make them.
We also had some rosé that was quite nice and refreshing. 

All in all, a good experience. 
Would I go back?
Yes, I would, for an elegant, bourgeois, quiet spot in the middle of the hubub.

Kolokotroni 3
Syntagma Sq.

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