Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday's Fabulous Finds-Beauty and Hope


<3 A sad but hopeful story. Sad for the loss of an inspirational lady. Hopeful vecause she passed away following her dream. And because she reminded us with her last action of dare that life is for living.Visit this generous lady's website.

<3 A nostalgia post.

<3 A post about a beautiful garden, The Garden of Magical Childhood by 

<3 The mother of a very talented friend and blogger passed. Please stop by Anna-Maria and leave a kind word.

<3 Beautiful art inspired by Julia Child.

I hope your weekend is beautiful and relaxing.

love, Irene

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Duchess of Cornwall charmed by Dior (and Paris)

Camilla Parker Bowles visite l'atelier Dior à Paris

The Duchess of Cornwall 
explores the charms of French couture, 
while visiting Dior at Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

The wife of  Prince Charles has been exploring Paris, and among her official duties she has found the time to indulge in Art and everyday pleasures such as the open markets. 

Walking tour: The Duchess of Cornwall views Venus de Milo during a visit to the Louvre Museum

First stop: Her first stop of the trip took her to the Emmaus community qt Bougival, to the West of Paris

Camilla visits a market in Paris during her first solo international tour. (Photo: Fred DuFour/AFP)

A lady travelling on her own.
A dream come true, perhaps. 

camilla dior

I think this cape would suit you well, Your Highness. 

{via}and {via}

love, Irene

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Greek cook+writer's summer home








This pistachio-and-pink coloured house, 
is the summer home of Greek TV cook presenter and writer Eleni Psychoulis.
Built by her late father in 1966, it was transformed by the spirited writer and cook, into a welcoming, quirky, happy place. 
Tellingly, she calls it a "successful psychoanalysis" that helped her make her peace with the past.
Don't you just love it when healing happens?
See more of  Ms. Psychoulis' one-of-a-kind house here.
Read her lovely blog (with mouthwatering recipes) here.
If you\d like to give a recipe a try, but don't read Greek, leave me a comment or e-mail me, and I'll translate it for you.

love, Irene

College exams update

Last day of College entry exams, today.
She loves her Latin, so I hope she'll do well.
We have  English and French coming up, but I am quite certain she'll manage beause she likes languages alot.
She loves culture and reading about the world, and visiting, of course, although we haven't travelled abroad in the last couple of years.
Anyhow, my eldest is looking forward to the end of school -and schooling altogether!-, and she is, I think, into any of these:
I can see her taking pictures and flicking through Tumblr and napping under the shade, and eating slowly her food, savoring every moment.
That's my baby!
love, Irene

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mickey and Minnie went Greek


Disney went Greek for 2 days. The first-of-its-kind event at Disneyland run May 25-27 and offered visitors an array of authentic Greek experiences for both children and adults.

Mickey Mouse was dressed in traditional “fustanella” attire with Minnie dressed to match in a traditional costume from the island of Crete.

Younger guests were trained by none other than Hercules himself, who showed them how to lift weights, toss shot puts, shoot arrows and leap distances. Photos with their hero were a must.

Over at Disney California Adventure Park Greek musicians and dancers showcased Kalamatiano traditional line folkdance. 

Greek celebrity chef Argiro Barbarigou hosted a special culinary event for adults. Traditional dishes paired with exceptional Hellenic wines were on the menu. 

A great innitiative that I believe would make a most welcome yearly event.

love, Irene

"Final" school days

I don't know about you, but these are busy, busy days , my friends.  Carving some time for myself is so hard. Yet I need space to breathe more than ever.

My eldest is sitting her finals and I have been threefold busy. I have been spending with her days and nights on end reading and revising.
We spent the weekend together, just the two of us, reading and napping and laughing with silly memories.

Oh and having a lovely girls al fresco lunch in the garden.

Friends, I'd never swap these moments with my girl.
(Did I tell you she is halfway between 18 and 19? Oh my!)

 She had her mind set on studying English , a subject she likes and I know it is dear to her. When we came to Athens she was brainwashed by uber ambitious relatives who projected on her that she wanted to study Law.
 I always knew she hated it, because I know it is against her talents and character. However since she is such a gentle child and always a good student, we didn't want her to feel she didn't get the chance she deserved. So we went ahead with extra teaching and the promise that she'd get straight marks.
How I feel for her!

We are on lesson five out of six and I think she finally gets it. She is got to make her choice according to what she wants. She finally realised she has to close her ears to what other people want for her and concentrate on what she likes.

while my eldest reads for her college entry exams, and my daughter #2 reads for her end of the year exams and life spins and I need to breathe, I so pray that these times will help my girls grow into the women who they want to be, responsible and hopeful and successful in what they set their mind to do. Oh, and happy with their lives.

love, Irene

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

"Take a Chance on Greece"

Hello friends,
When I saw these photos by Greek  photographer Yiorgos Kaplanidis this morning on Facebook, I knew I had to share them with you.
I then read on my feed the lovely post by decorator, author and chic blogger extraordinaire Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic , and I am sharing it here with you.

"Of all peoples, the Greeks have dreamt the dream of life best." - Goethe
For her third season of Chance, founder and creative director Julia Leach not only dreamed of Greece but traveled there to capture the spirit of the collection on location.  She worked with local photographer Yiorgos Kaplasnidis and a local model  in these stunning images shot on the island of Paros. Greece was the perfect backdrop to not only her signature stripes but new caftans and tunics debuting this May.  The Chance ethos is described as "classics that travel the world" and if you can't get away, you can feel like you have thanks to Julia. 

It feels so good when people get to know and appreciate my country. 
It feels good to know that this little spot on the map gets back some of the love and light it is so generously spreading out into the world.

What a wonderful place!

All images via here.
To view two short films on Paros and Antiparos islands, click here.
With Thanks to the fab Heather of Habitually Chic  for the inspirational title and text.

love, Irene

An apartment in Paris

We had such a good time in Paris, a couple of years ago. 
Shared some jokes with our besties about Euler,that only mathematicians would understand. 
What a fun place for the weekend!

love, Irene

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