Thursday, 29 November 2007

Pure Linen-Pure Charm

The Volga Linen Company is one of my favorite providers for one offs. They are eclectic and distinctive.
The price tag is on the high scale. You need 225 pounds for a king size duvet cover.

However, I make do with plain whites and reds and add a pair of pillowcases (34 pounds for a 50x75 housewife pillowcase). They are getting better with every wash.

From their Christmas list I love these splendid mugs and saucers.

They cost 39 pounds for two as a boxed set. Also sold individually for 18 pounds. An elegant gift and a precious way to serve coffee.
Available through The Volga Linen Company.

Our Home

I have never talked about our new house. Today I thought I would because to be honest this is the biggest designing project I have ever undertaken. I have decorated rooms, especially children's bedrooms, I have done boutique hotels and I have done lots of curtains and cushions. But this project is so important to me, because with God's blessing this will house our family.
We have been renting flats since we first arrived here, ten years ago, but what I really longed for was a proper home.
Both C and I have been brought up in detached houses with gardens and some comfort, and I am particularly fond of Nature. I love the feeling of an al fresco lunch and although in Greece there are plenty of open air restaurants and taverns one can go to, it is quite different from dining or having a party in your own garden.
The partying was one of the strongest incentives for me to go ahead and opt to buy a house. Our children are nearing 13, 11 and 6 and they never had a proper birthday party. At first I was too busy to get us established here and then I had neglected our own home really and it doesn't live up to the image our work has built over the years.
So it will be wonderful for the children to be able to host a party in our backyard.
The house in itself isn't huge. As you can see there are three different entrances, therefore three different maisonettes in our block, but I believe it has potential. Besides, house prices as well as rents are maddeningly high, especially in University cities as is ours, plus neither I or C has the time to supervise ourselves, as the alternative would be.
I am quite pleased with the location and the arrangement we have made.
The building has been going on for two years now, with lots of set backs from builders and contractors as it is usual in this self-paced part of the world which can be very frustrating at times. (Other times you just learn to go with the flow).
However, we are now entering the more pleasant phase, thinking specific colors for the walls, and ordering them ("green" pigments is one of my priorities).
I shall keep a diary of our progress here, for anyone who wants to know more about how things are done over here and what we shall make of this quite modern-styled building.

A Prayer for Work

This kind of post usually finds its way through my family faith and life blog, the Green Greek. However I felt the need to post this here today. it is appropriate to all of our tasks.

"If we relinquish our abilities and skills to God, allowing Him to be our boss, our work becomes eternal and the possibilities endless".

I thank You for loving me so greatly, and for giving me this day and the ability and talents to accomplish great things throughout it. I commit to do my best for You. I pray that You will give me the strength and wisdom to follow Your direction. It is my desire to bring glory and honor to You within this day, Amen

Have alovely day ahead.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Style on a budget

You have certainly come across the super classy designer cousin of this coat hanger. This one however, costs just a fraction of the price and is equally stylish. Perfect for a child's bedroom or a modern style-conscious hallway. It costs just 8,99 pounds. From Urchin.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Candles-Cozy and Red

I am a candle lover. I confess. I like the sweet light of a candle. Everyone looks better under the candlelight.I indulge myself now that I am all grown up. I even like take my shower with a tuberose candle lit. Never underestimate the beauty of everyday. I wish this were a true cake, too! Sweets, my other indulgence!

A chalet Christmas. An archetype, really.
Old fashioned Santas and glass ornaments.
My girly favorite!
Love pine cones. Almost sorry to see them burn out!
Medieval or Moroccan?
I love cinnamon apple and clove. What's your favorite candle perfume?

Friday, 23 November 2007

Quelle tendance déco est faite pour vous ?

Classique : le confort et l’authenticité, il n’y a que ça de vrai !

Classique : le confort et l’authenticité, il n’y a que ça de vrai !
Que ce soit à la campagne ou même en ville avec un petit bout de jardin, la maison idéale pour vous est celle de la famille et du ressourcement. Vous préférez un univers chaleureux avec des meubles en bois massif, pas mal non plus pour leur côté ultra costaud et authentique. Vous avez également pris soin de conserver du mobilier et des objets de famille que vous avez mariés avec des pièces d’antiquité. Et quelque chose nous dit que vous êtes la reine des repas de famille ! Une chose est sûre, vous misez sur la convivialité. Bienvenue dans la maison du bonheur !

Click here to take the test.

Thankgiving Wishes

May your stuffing be tasty

May your turkey be plump,

May your potatoes and gravy

Have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious

And your pies take the prize,

And may your Thanksgiving dinner

Stay off your thighs!
Many Thanks to She's Sew Pretty!

Modern Stuff

I usually don't like modern stuff. Too angular for my tastes. These items however would gladly make it to my shop or my home.
Sun Jar gathers sunlight by day, lights up at night. Love it. Speaks to me, really.
Next come these CD dividers.

Want to know what time it is where your friends are? London and NY are fine. They'd have to make an Athens one to keep me grounded!

I wouldn't say "no" to this one either.

Also in red.

All from UK emporium Suck UK.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Scandinave-o-Japanese Alliance

There is a distinct Scandinavian+Japanese=Love trend amongst the blogs and websites that I like to visit. I was curious enough to follow one of the links that led me to a...Scandinav-o-Francophile Japanese site, called Paumes.
Although there isn't an English or French translation to the site (that would be quite helpful as I do not read Japanese), there is an interesting bookshop with books in Japanese. However they are quite interesting because they feature some lovely photography so it is tempting to leaf through them and stop at some really lovely places.
There are Stockholm's Love Appartments but I prefere the Apartements d' Amoureux a Paris.
I equally loved Chambres d' Enfants a Paris
I love this little corner of a garden.

My favorite is Souvenirs de Paris. Look at all that bric-a-brac. The Japanese sure have an eye for curios!
And there is lovely food pics from Paris bien sur!

There are also London Kitchens

And the very yummy Children's Rooms London

There is a touch of holiday Greek stuff, too!
And the quintessential Bristishness-on-the-Garden thingy.

Not even the prices of the books are in Euros or Dollars, or even French Francs!Gosh! I now have to learn Japanese!

A lovely stitching place!

Please let me introduce you to a very cheerful and creative place. It is called Spotted Skink and it features some of the most spectacular yet easygoing cross stitching you've ever seen!
With a style a la Caffe Fassett, vibrant colors, special designs and a friendly and effective service, they are guaranteed to offer you hours of stitching joy.

I am currently working on their Rockets and Robots Design. You won't believe this (I don't!) but I first wrote about this exactly one year ago. Read this!

Of those projects mentioned I have been progressing on Santa over the weekend encouraged by the cosiness of a roaring fire. I am doing the Rockets and Robots whenever I am sitting in front of the TV (which is rare, perhaps that explains the lack of progress!), but only because it just helps me empty my mind and I do not have to count or check the colors all the time.

These are another two of my Spotted Skink favorites.

Do stop by and check them out. And have fun!


You can see more of Boontje's work here. I particularly like his Midsummer light, a new read of the classic that I love.

Good Things and A Giveaway

Becky of On a Wing and A Prayer hosts a giveaway on Saturday November 24th. As Becky says:"they will have a sewing,angel, Dollie, Vintage Christmas theme". Sounds great to me!

So head over to our host's and spread the word.

Oh! I nearly forgot to tell you!

I shall be hosting a Giveway on December 6th!

I shall write more about it over the weekend, so stay tuned!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pretty Amazing Stockings

It is amazing what some pieces of felt wool can become in the hands of innovative people.
I found these beautiful Christmas stockings at Hable .

Made by a women's cooperative in Hungary and retailing at $135 in most cases, they are ridiculously expensive for a Christmas stocking, but they are beautiful and original.
Now, if you are looking for design inspiration you may want to check Cake and Pie for this mini tutorial.
For a touch of whimsy check these lovely stockings by M&Co at Around The House.

And have a look at these wonderfully traditional ones at Grand Revival.

I hope all your stockings are full of wonderful presents this Christmastime!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

A romantic giveaway

There are many giveaways going around the blogosphere.
Lucy's Lounge at Tutti Chic, hosts a Christmas deco giveaway. There are some beautiful deco items, ornaments, an issue of Romantic Homes and, of course, some special chocolate. Click here to read more and join in.

Sweet little places

I have come across some lovely web sites tonight. They do not fit in my "Sisters in Style" category adn as I do not know how to make the new blogger let me add another one, I am posting about them here.
Inspireco is a whimsical place, somewhat related to Corey of Tongue in Cheek.

Bella Pink is all pink and frilly and its author contributes to Romantic Homes.

Finally, Charlotte Moss has some lovely although expensive gift ideas, such as these travel notebooks

or these chic notepads with equally inspiring pencils.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

The House of De Castellane

A Greek magazine called Life and Style has published an article on the elegantissima Mme Atalanta De Castelane, mother of the fabulous Cordelia of the CdC children's clothing line.
Atalanta is of Greek origin, although she is born and bread in Paris.
I usually don't go for this kind of lavish style, but I have to admit that her house is wonderful.

This is the dining room, with antiques inherited from the de Castellane family and Chateau Valence, the family seat.

What is interesting is that this is a place decorated with all available means, yet it is not sterile, but warm and inviting. This desk inspires me to decorate mine.

I adore this little corner off the dining room.

A touch of whimsy over the console table: a string of fairy lights.

Best buys