Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Athens Architect's house

Back in December, when I hosted my very first giveaway here, one of the requests I received was to publish more pictures of Greek house interiors. I have also collected pictures of restaurant interiors that I was also asked to do, so I shall be publishing more of those, too.

Today I am posting photos of the flat that architect George Kokkinos-Goodman shares with his young family. He is the son of sculptor Irene Kokkinos. You may spot her work on the living room table.

The house is situated in a leafy Athenian suburb.

It is not a big house, a rather comfortable one, but it is quite typical of upper middle class deco.

(From Tachydromos (The Postman) magazine, March 2008)

FR: Maison d' architecte a Athenes.

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