Friday, 18 April 2008

Sharing the beauty on the web

Today I'm gonna write about an issue I find quite annoying. People's avarice. What is it with the net and pictures?

You visit a site that you like. They publish some nice info and you get hooked. You visit again, you subscribe to their feed, and then one day you go and you cannot save their pictures. I am not talking only about blogs here. I am also talking about magazine websites and trade websites, too. One day you right- click and nothing happens either because they don't allow right click anymore, or because they have put their pics in Flash player.

It is obviously people's right to do so in their homepage, and they are more than welcome to protect their work. Look at Heather, for example, from Hello, my name is Heather. Heather and her husband take and publish some of the most beautiful photos I've seen on the web. She puts her name under them and she shares them with you and me. She shares in the beauty.

Look at this picture from Posie Gets Cozy. Isn't it just fantastic? The moment, the click, the light? There it is, up for grabs.
Or take my fellow Greek-American Anna-Maria Horner of the eponymous blog and fabric line.
I always make sure I save the pictures from each place using the site's name so that I may track them back...and know where to go for more!

So what is the point of preventing people from saving your pics? I already subscribe to say House Beautiful, but if they can't let me save their pics, I may not have the time to scan the mag, or I may just get fed up with the so called on-line community and stop visiting altogether.

Do people really think they are immortals who are going to save their pitiful little pictures for eternity? Go on, sign your pictures. I'll keep posting about them because I like them, and you should be proud of that. I am never gonna say they are mine, first because I don't want to, and second because it shows they are not! But if you aren't having a private blog and you are going to go public, you must learn to share the beauty. And your talents.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Irene, the whole pictures and blogging thing is an interesting debate.

You have an interesting point here

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