Friday, 16 May 2008

Divine Cordelia

Back in 2007, I wrote this post about the house of Atalanta de Castellane, mother of the marvelous Cordelia, a personal style icon. Cordelia with Ségolène Gallienneare are the dynamic duo behind CdC, the chic children's clothing line.
She is the epitomy of relaxed, confident chic, and an authentic beauty (and she is half-Greek!).
Voici deaux photos de sa maison qui montrent que Cordelia et moi , nous sommes des esprits soeurs. We both lunch on, and we stock for our shop, if I may, a similar table, to say the least.

Bravo, Cordelia. Continuez de nous inspirer!

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franki durbin said...

my goodness, she is stunning! gotta love that Greek gift of good looks and radiant skin. Opaa!

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