Thursday, 7 May 2009

Greek Weddings-Event organiser Fevronia

Hello, dear beauty loving readers,

As promised, starting today and every Thursday, I am going to offer here a series of posts about organising a wedding ceremony in Greece. Expect to find the best places to honeymoon, from luxurious hotels to hidden gems, but also a lot of info on wedding services, from that special dress to the wedding reception, things that are hard enough to organize anyway, but even more so if you are travelling to a foreign country.

So, let us start with the tops of the list in event organisers. If you want to have your wedding organised for you, the easiest way to go, would be to hire a wedding organiser. You have cought a glimpse of her work on this post. She is one of the hottest wedding (and christening) organisers in Greece right now. Here are some glimpses of her work.

Take a look at her Christening arrangements, too. You know how a good wedding is so followed by a good Christening in the ceremony exchange!

To see and read more, please visit Fevronia's website (in English) here. See you next week for more Greek wedding ideas.

1 comment:

corine said...

if I had to do it again, it would have to be the greek way (if possible in greece)

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