Thursday, 7 January 2010

Great posts & pics

You know all the pics I have stored in my computer? You don't. They are everywhere at home, at work, on my laptop. So I thought, why not post what I loved the mostest every day? My computers will benefit. My blog will be filled with beautiful pictures. And maybe someone will get to know someone whom they didn't know before they saw them in my blog. That is surely a romantic thing.

btw i saw Becoming Jane twice with my eldest, so that may explain things a bit. Then perhaps i may pull together a scheme here and there and make sense of the pattern in my photo copying. I am telling you beforehand, as many come from the years before I learned about copyrughting your blog, are not easy to attribute, so if anyone gets offended, do let me know in a kind way and I shall mension thw source. It was fun, no doubt, but who wants to deal with people like this? Nope, Madam, won't take it!

to the nice pics and posts I gathered tonight. (Look carefully cause I'll be sleeping less than five hours tonight, in order to do this). First of all, dear Anna-Maria posted what must be one of her funniest wittiest posts. (Sending kisses across the pond). The post is called Musical Rooms.

I then found this blog via Posie, rightfully chosen by yours trully as the best heartwarming blog. It turns out it is of Alicia's sister. Lovely Americana.

Though these two pictures go hand to hand, I am going to squeeze together a few more for this first post of this kind from earlier this week.

Two of my favorite bloggers are from England. When travelling I google them on my mobile. You get the picture. A lovely funny story came from Posy with some wonderful winter pictures.

(Finally realised how picture sizing works with the new blogger system)

Up next a blog that is turning into visual delight. We have all fallen for Bavaria following our Austrian Christmas in 2007 and our road trip across the Alps on Easter holiday 2009. I love-love-love it! Go to Waking up in Bavaria and see for yourselves.


I don't know why, but the first photo I saved in 2010 came from Cote de Texas.I like to think that my choice has to do with the light, and the open window and the new year symbolism, as much as with keeping house and doind the fundamental chores. Yesterday, btw, I did subscribe to fly lady!...

Ending the Marathon post with some news: The 10th annual weblogs awards are on! Love them the bestest. Nominations close January 12, so please hurry and pop over.

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GardenDesigner said...

First off thanks for commenting on my blog!
I love yours!
I am totally into Cath Kidtson,My daughter is in London today at the store for me! ... I love gardening photography... and what really made me smile was seeing on your reading list...Life is a verb! I am reading it right now!

Hope we can stay in touch!

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