Saturday, 25 June 2011


Summer 1980
30 years ago

All right.

on the island of Euboea.

Boys and girls
jumping over the fire
burning the May 1st wreath.

Young girls
carrying a jug of water 
from the village fountain.
Boys and girls putting their trinkets
in the jug.
Take out a trinket
find out who will be your life's companion.


Time goes its course
but our lives stay with us.
love, Irene


demie said...

when i lived in greece i thought my life as summers... now whithout realising it , i think my life in winters...

Beachside Cottage said...

Hi Irene - I'm following you now, too! Thanks for visiting my blog - I love Greece - my parents got to visit - I need to get there with my hubby one day - in the meantime - I love eating at Greek restaurants - spanikopita is my favorite dish

Happy Sunday-

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