Monday, 11 March 2013

Happy Monday with Lonny magazine

Hello, dear friends,

Happy start to the week!
I am sharing with you the absolutely beautiful pictures of the latest issue of Lonny magazine that I picked this morning.
What an amazing work these people do! They do their job because they like and enjoy it, and it just shines through!. Thank you, Lonny people.

There is so much to read in the March 2013 issue, which is a "kids' issue".
Let me tell you what I liked most:

I adore Nicky Haslam's home , Lonny Editor in Chief Michelle Adams Manhattan home, Interior Designer's Lisa Sherry Connecticut home, and an absolutely lovely Swedish home.

I have mixed the photos from all four homes, here, because they all speak to me. I hope you will enjoy finding them as you go through Lonny's pages.

*I want to thank Lonny for letting us copy their images. As always, I credit images as best as I can, and I find it very generous of them to let us bloggers share the beauty.*

love, Irene

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