Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Greek columns, reinterpreted

Speaking of Greek style interiors.

The current issue of US Elle Decor (February/March) sports on its cover a set of Ionic style columns framing with great but not absolute symmetry a home office desk.

Flipping inside, we can see that the design comes from a Park Avenue penthouse apartment arranged maasterfully by classic American decorator Bunny Williams. The outcome is fresh and contemporary, yet welcoming and very elegant and distinctive.

I received for Christmas Bunny Williams' Scrapbook for Living which is fantastic and the kind of book one hopes to read from talented legends like Ms. Williams, and now sits side by side with my almost worn out copy of An Affair with a House that I absolutely loved.

It does seem though that Ms. Williams appreciates Greek style, which explains her trained eye for elegance and balance, as in her office, photographed for Lonny magazine, I can see a lovely bust of Perseus.

What I also found very interesting and instructive, is this part of Ms. Williams' description of the decorating process.

To forge a connection between the interior and the wraparound terrace, she installed blue glass on the ceiling to mimic the sky and added architectural detail with a framework of tailored zinc beams. “It took us 20 tries to get the size of the bolts in them right,” she says with a laugh.
And also:
 “I never would have looked at that table 20 years ago, but it’s essential to see pieces anew, to refresh your eye.”
Isn't it wonderful that a professional of Ms. Williams' caliber, is so open about her process, and her great attention to detail?

All in all a lovely feature and a copy to keep on my shelves.

love, Irene

Sunday, 13 February 2011

When interior blogs go Greek

Two interiors blogs on my blog list sport some lovely posts and photography on Greece. 

Oia, on the island of Santorini in the Aegean sea features on The fabric of my Life

a guest post with photos via Mr and Mrs Globetrot 

I didn't know Oia looked that good!

On a different note, a collection of Greek aperitives graces a post by the original designer behind the Slim Paley blog. Sweet red wine on the first picture, of the quality that Holy Communion is being made (delicious and intoxicating). Then at the bottom picture, there is ouzo, of course, but also bottles of tsipouro ( a grapa kind of drink) and another ouzo from the island of Lesvos.

One does not see nice Greek stuff making it to A class blogs these days, so I was surprised to spot these two. Thank you, ladies. You made my day!

love, Irene

Friday, 11 February 2011

OKA' s new ethnic styles

In our home, we like simple lines. We also integrate more than a touch of ethnic.
First because we have a collection of items inherited by assorted relatives, passed down to us. Living outside Greece makes you crave Greek folklore, from the mundane to the kitch to the elaborate.
Second, both my husband and myself are keen on Greek folk culture, music and dance, and that gives us an extra reason to appreciate area rugs, woodcarvings and religious icons that we have taken with us from place to place.
Now how can this kind of object integrate with simplicity and modern spaces?
Let me give you the perfect example in my book.
OKA is a British company that does just that. 
I appreciate the simplicity and balance, the richness and originality of their collections, which result in an unmistakably trademark style.

Mainly planes, lots of creams, a lot of rattan and natural fibres, and many green, red and blue accents in the form of pillows and lovely ethnic throws, lamps and decorative items.

This season, OKA have taken a step towards more colourful interiors, with more daring colour combinations, such as orange and turquoise, très à la mode.

I love the chinese laquer chairs and the striped stool.

Check also some more girly and cosmopolitan styles introduced this year.
They are more light hearted and pastel coloured, but still very OKA!

I quite like this home office. It is feminin and exotic.
All in all a very charming collection.
See more styles on line at 

love, Irene

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Barbie doll from the East

When fashion and toy industry get inspired by Russian romanticism...
By the way, my eldest is currently reading War and Peace.
It seems that she, too, is a romantic at heart... (sigh!)

Photos from Barbie Collector.

love, Irene

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A colourful Spring with Designers Guild

I have been previewing the new Designers Guild collections.
The lovely people at Designers Guild have been kind enough to let me browse through them, eventhough officially I no longer deal with their collections.
great loves live on,
 I am expecting their samples at the shop,anytime now.
I promise we'll preview them together.

(photos from last year's bundle!)

Here is some beauty curtesy of  Designers Guild

And a preview of the new collections

The Designers guild palette is uniquely chic and vibrant

The highly anticipated new kids collection. one of her bestest!
Dutch people, an homage to your contribution to interior design!

 And Tricia Guild's new book

Tricia Guild: Colors, Patterns, and Space

Published on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of Designers Guild, this lavishly illustrated portfolio showcases the latest interior designs by one of the world’s most acclaimed designers. This is Tricia Guild’s most ambitious and sumptuous book to date: a stunning survey of interiors that feature her signature sense of "contemporary traditional" style with layers of pattern, bold colors, and varying textures. Always at the forefront of interior design, Tricia Guild has achieved critical acclaim with her up-to-the-minute collections of fabrics, wallpapers, and furnishings that showcase her unparalleled gift for color, innate understanding of space and proportion, and sheer brilliance at mixing patterns and textures. She blends femininity and understated elegance in her uniquely innovative yet classic approach whether designing a sleek Manhattan loft, a casual English country bedroom, a rustic Mediterranean-style hacienda, or an eclectic Parisian apartment. Truly a feast for the eye, the book features layers of pattern and color, a stunning binding with several different materials and textures, and three different types of paper. Original six-color photographs and a text rich in insights from the designer’s own design briefs and sketches make this a useful sourcebook for professionals and will inspire anyone aspiring to decorate their own home.

Talk to you soon!

love, Irene

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fortune cookie purse

I love finding out about people who are not affraid to use their imagination, and at the same time they produce items that go beyond the improvised. 
These are so cute and clever, and Feng Shui compatible. 

love, Irene

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Homes and gardens in on-line games

Hello dear friends,
Do you play any games on Facebook or your android?
I enjoy quite a few myself.
And I couldn't fail to find a touch of deco to keep me busy!

There are cozy houses with porches, attics and bbqs,

as well as impressive mansions, inhabited by the cutest gnomes.

There are beautiful gardens,

and plenty of farm animals.

and dogs to keep them safe,

some still in their Christmas best.

There are many innovative ways to make do.
For example, with a subtle touch of deco imagination, you may use your not yet blooming rice as a garden pond.

 Some put their flags up.
I like that. It gives the game a personal touch. 

                    Imperial glory

German simplicity

French cuteness

Chinese pride

And when your country's flag is not available, you have to make one!

Some have two countries to be proud of.

And for some, it just takes a village.

Whatever your choice, I hope you are very happy and amused:-0

love, Irene

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