Wednesday, 25 January 2012

On Sleep and Beds

I am in the sleep business. 
Sleepy business? I heard you say. 
Oh all right! Pun intended! 
What I meant to start with, is that we sell beds. 
(Oh look how little my kids were!)
And matresses. And pillows. Bedlinen and the like

 I also used to sell Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren and Jane Churchill fabrics and wallpapers. 
But that was in the pre-Greek/Euro-economic-crisis days. 
 Which brings in mind. I have stacks of unused (ha!) fabric, fabrics and wallpapers sample books and so on. Do you think any of you dear readers, might be interested if I listed them at the shop? I haven't updated it for quite some time and am wondering if anyone might be interested. 
Let me know, I'll see what I can do with them. 

 OK, back to the subject. I do know one or two or three things about good sleep, our super company training us vigorously and us being in the business for the past fifteen years. So, take it from this authority, that the  article I found today, is on the spot. It's not about matresses or product selling, but about the essence of comfort in our very own cozy little beds. 

A taste

Can you remember back to when you had babies to care for and how careful you were with their bedding? You'd make sure the sheets were clean and straight, you'd make the little bed several times a day and as soon as there was a wet sheet, into the washing machine it would go.  You did those things, and more, because you knew how important that bed was to your baby.  Well, I might be reverting to babyhood because I tend my bed as carefully as I would a cot or crib and I do it because sleep is important.  Now let me declare my bias here up front.  I LOVE my bed, always have, always will.  I am a good sleeper.  I'm rarely in bed more than ten minutes before I'm sound asleep.  But I also do a lot of my thinking in bed in the cool dark hours of the morning and being in an uncomfortable bed would not be conducive to my sleeping or thinking.  If I want to get the most out of every day, I need to sleep well.
Simple clean cotton sheets and a homemade quilt can nurture the soul as well as aching bones and a stressed mind.  Allow your bed to do what it's there for - to keep you warm, safe and secure until you wake.  When you think about it, sleep is a strange concept.  We go about our every day activities and once a day, we get tired, lay down flat and lose consciousness.  Weird!  No one knows why we do that, but all animals, birds and reptiles do. 
All that time (...) that you spend in bed sets you up for your active life by allowing you to relax into sleep, to dream and to wake refreshed and ready for the busy day.  Those three minutes are a sound investment.

Read the full article and more at Down to Earth. And an equally lovely article in Women's Weekly right here.

Have a lovely day and a refreshing night ;)

love, Irene 

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