Monday, 30 April 2012

Pallets as funrinture

It certainly is a sign of our times. Frugality, and a forced one at that, makes people use their resources to their best. Now, if one has a good taste and some skills to go with it, it seems almost everything is possible.

Palet crafted furniture is all the rage.
Colourful or plain, there is something for everyone in the pictures below.


I'm not fond of wall stickers, but this is by far the easiest project of all.

And I can't say for sure if I'd sit on this hanging bench, but it certainly looks impressive.


That's much closer to my tastes.
I like the raw and natural character of this room.

This is the idea I definitively like the most.
Pallets stack at different levels to create a home theater.
Whoever made this, congrtulations.
Great idea.

Contemporary romantic.

This is the image that started it all for me.
I love almost everything in the styling of this room. Apart from the headboard, probably, I'll use it in our summer house.

A shop display, perhaps?

Some shelving for the backyard?

Or even an entire garden shed. Impressive.

That's one sweet cot bed.

A book display unit.

A couch.

Pallet shelving for a rural kitchen.

And my favorite "big" idea.
A decorative dividing wall.

I hope you are inspired!

love, Irene

Oh James ! {Bond}

I love James Bond.
The adventure, the smartness, the style, the grace.

 There is only one James Bond. Sean Connery. 

You can't possibly imagine James Bond drinking beer like your average Jim and Jake,
 even worse, a Heineken. 
For heaven's sakes, old ladies drink Heineken, when they have to pick a beer, students drink Heineken. That's how lukewarm the Heineken brand is. Yet it is rich and agressive, so they can buy out a James Bond movie. It'a a shame that the film industry people should sell out so cheap. Disgusting.

As for me, I'll stick with true men, like James, and Sean.

Make mine a Martini, shaken, not stirred.

love, Irene

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Something for the weekend


I hope you all had a nice week, dear friends.
I wish you a relaxing, fragrant, enriching weekend.

Here is some inspiration I found this past week

:: A quote::

“I don’t have to run away and live in the street—I can run away and I can go to the ocean…I can go to the country…I can go to the mountains…I could go to Israel, Africa…Afghanistan.”

The Breakfast Club

::A story of creativity::

Whatever you do, have fun!

love, Irene

Friday, 27 April 2012

Fashion Friday-Liberty London for Dr.Martens

I first saw this boot.
And I fell in love.

As in "I want to wear this pair now and I know I could jump up and down with joy".

Then I saw this sachel. And knew I could fit my life in it.
A little dear secret.
This is the print I fell in love in.
Thank you Liberty.
And Thank you mom for all your sewing and knitting and embroidering and coaching me.

This one would be great with jeans.

But I'd really feel at home in these.

Might throw this in as well, you know, for the days when I need a little pop of colour.
What do you think?

will be available exclusively in store and online from the 1st May.

P.S. Did I mention that I love my Fashion Fridays?
Thanks, Kori !

love, Irene

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Interview-Oh So Fine, Denmark

Oh So Fine is a graphic design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Designer and founder is Mette Bonavent.

I was first drawn to Oh So Fine's Mother Earth female figures
and her folk art inspired birds.

Or, this is how I conceived them.
Is this what she had in mind creating them?

I believe that one of the most beautiful aspects of Art is that it is open to interpretation.
A work of art can trigger different emotions and make emerge different kinds of past images in different people's minds.
Isn't that wonderful ?

With these thoughts in mind, I set about asking my questions.
Here are her oh so fine answers.


1.How did you get started on Art?

I am actually a talented painter and earlier I loved to draw by hand. But a couple of years ago I fell in love with making graphic art using my computer. And now I hardly ever use a pencil anymore.

2.Apart from inspiration Art needs courage, I believe.
Do you think so, and where do you find yours?

I don't think creating art needs courage, but showing your art to other people can be quite intimidating, I guess.

3. How did you come about finding your artistic language?

I found my artistic language sitting in front of my computer. The moment I learned how to create vectorized graphics, I could express exactly what I wanted.

4.Your work looks to me very earthy and influenced by folk art.
How would you describe your sources of inspiration?

Basically I work with block shapes, silhouettes and graphic patterns. I am very much inspired by my childhood memories, folklore artifacts and the 50's and 60's style illustration and design. Also I tend to drag a lot of nature into my work; birds, trees, flowers and so on. It is very natural for me, to give my work a simple and scandinavian touch, no matter if I am doing papercuts, prints og wooden products.

5.What do you love most about being a creative person who exposes their vision to the public?

I am so fortunate to work with the thing I love most. And I do love everything about it! I love the whole creative process, from finding inspiration, to working with shapes, colors and materials, and to showcase the final design.

6.Any dreams that want to come forward?

I have many dreams! I would love to create a range of printed fabrics and illustrate book covers.
My next dream to chase is actually not far away - but still a secret.

Thank you, Mette. We look forward to be in the know of your future artistic ventures.

*You may purchase Oh so fine prints and wooden objets,
made of recycled paper, vegetable inks and solid fumed oak, here.*

love, Irene

Monday, 23 April 2012

Spring @ Ikea

Hello dear friends,
I want to say Hello with some bright and light images from Ikea.
I wish your week is light and bright, too.

This lamp is called the Lyrik , it is washable and it is all cotton.
I love it. It's so modern and so romantic!

The Raskog trolley is practical, and perfectly retro. I love this colour!

How I love gardening! I love Spring for all the new life that comes forth!
I spent a good part of Sunday weeding, and I also made a nice salad from our garden.
I also picked some wild eddible plants that are great boiled with an olive oil and lemon sauce.

Spring calls for some lovely new linen. This is all so fresh!
All images Livet Hemma.

Have a beautiful week!

love, Irene

Friday, 20 April 2012

Fashion Friday-Glam and Curvy

Adele is one beautiful woman.

Fully beautiful, divine voice, a presence that fills the stage.

And, you know, she is curvy. And stylish. And confident. And vulnerable. And strong.
And I love her.

Are you OK with curvy?
Did you know there is a Vogue Curvy?
Well, yes there is, and it is hosted by Vogue Italia. 
How cool of the Italians!  

I used to associate wellbeing with an ideal body frame which,
being a Southern, most of the time eluded me.
In time I made peace with my body and decided to work with it, instead of against it.

This outfit is so me. I'd love to wear high heels. I think that now that I'm over 40 and my kids are grown so I don't need to run behind them, well, I do, but not so much physically,
I may give them a well deserved go!
An old favorite of mine, Marina Rinaldi, has an interesting blog 
with lovely style tips and also design and lifestyle ideas).

Rinaldi outfit some twodecades ago, a nautical top that I can still wear with a cross over linen button skirt.
I love my brown leather belted coat, wonderful trousers with perfect fit, and some great knits. all Marina Rinaldi, and perfect for every occasion.

Really beautiful women
such as

India Hicks,

Carre Otis,

Tatjana Patitz

and Kate Dillon
have graced the company's ads with the oh so true statement

"Style is not a size... it's an attitude".

Hayez, Venus, altered by Anna Utopia Giordano
Some of the most beautiful women of all times were anything but skinny.
Think about it.

Have you made your peace with your body?

Gladly linking to
my sweetest Friday habit,

love, Irene

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