Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dispatches from the Greek Front

Hello friends :)
Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments on my previous post.
I treasure your enthusiasm and care for me and my family.
 Earlier today I began writing a post.

Before I finished it I sobered up.
This being a time of universal transition it is only expected that
I find my feelings changing by the day and often within the same day.
Imagine being told that
-30000 civil servants will be thrown away with their pensions "delayed" for at least 2 years.
 -salaries slashed by 30 to 50%
-a general doom and gloom in the air.
Under the circumstances there is no point expecting people to come decorate their homes, is there?

 Still, this shop gives us the space to go somewhere in the morning
makes our kids feel secure in that their parents have a job to go to
 and we keep face in the local society and our creditors.

Darling, if the bank takes the house, we must remove the hearth suround that we had custom carved.

This is our house right here, right now.
I have always wanted to provide my family with a house of our own.
See also here (can't believe how little my kids were!) and here.
And a garden.

I love on our house.
The girls love to bake. 
We make plans of painting the shop by ourselves.

Today I planted new flowers.
5 Euro worth of little mums on sale.
Happy Autumn!

This aftenoon I found this speech by Steve Jobs on You Tube.
He has given me so much pleasure with my i-phone. God bless his soul.
I suggest you listen to his speech. It is very relevant to all of us. 

love, Irene

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demie said...

Ειρήνη μου, φιλία, αγάπη, συμπαρασταση, από μακριά το ξέρω, αλλά με όλη μου την καρδιά όμως

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