Saturday, 31 May 2008

St.Tropez...part II

When I was writing my post about St.Tropez, yesterday, I hadn't checked Helena Frith Powell's blog, which I do once every couple of weeks. Dear uber successful/pretty/rich Helena of the delightful read All You Need to Be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts, and Little Secrets of French Women and a columnist to the British press, has only recently spent some working time at the Byblos Hotel. Read her article here.
And do stop by the Byblos website. Even if you never stay there, you'll get some interesting info on what's going on in the South this summer.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Southern light

Cannes, St. Tropez, le Sud. Images of the South of France. With Les Bonnes Addresses , thrown in as an extra delight. For the traveller and the daydreamer...
(Photos from Vivre Cote Sud)

Live on the web

Blogging is quite wierd as it is. Spilling the beans out in the open, unknown universe. Not knowing who reads your thoughts, and if they do read them, if they read what you meant to say. So, as if this weren't enough, I popped in this morning and checked Anna-Maria Horner's page, one of the brightest, happiest places to be on a hot 38C May day.

And there she was, once you clicked on that link, flesh and blood, speaking fast and lively about fabrics and kids, works and dreams. Not to be missed!

Artists-Walter Sallman

When I was a child, pictures like these were part of my everyday life. They'd be in children's bedrooms. They'd hang at doctor's waiting rooms. The priest would offer us one after Sunday school. They'd sweeten the medicine when we were sick, and would rest our fears at night.
With time, they looked so out of fashion that they fell out of favor, and were ignored and dispised or replaced by more sophisticated versions, or dropped altogether in favor of a cartoon character.
Some time ago I felt so nostalgic for them, I began looking for them at second hand bookshops and over the net. I finally sourced them and found out some more about the painter.
You may read about Walter Sallman here , view and purchase copies of his work here. A word of advice if I may: Do not let anyone or anything intimidate you. Just let yourself be drawn closer to beauty, goodness and innocence of a child protected by Jesus' arms.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Artist-Barbara Bernard

I have come across Barbara Bernard's work through cross stitching. Ms Bernard is an American artist living in London,who can create a painting of your house, then, if requested, turn it into a needlepoint kit! That makes a perfect housewarming gift, and a unique heirloom of our most loved places, to pass on.
For those of you living in the UK, Ms. Bernard will be taking part in ARTISTS AT HOME Friday 13th June through Sunday 15th June when she will be opening her house to the public and exhibiting paintings, prints, and needlework design.

You may visit her website and view her work here.
I am sure you will have a great time!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Books and Bookshelves

Whenever I visit prospective clients' houses, I find that bookcases are usually among the ugliest of places. Planks and stuff, one next to the other, with bits and bobs thrown in. Unlike dressers, for example, where you usually find a woman's microcosm taken care of in the most strictest way.
Especially children's bookcases are a nightmare of junk.
So, I thought I'd do a little research and find some interesting ways to organize books and other related paraphernalia.
I hope you'll enjoy this.

Above: Plain shelves. Items grouped together, e.g. boardgames (with all those little pieces that go astray if opened unattended). Large bins to store toys that are safe and intended for easy reach. Useful also for "sort later" stuff. Notice the matching cheery Hedda curtain from Ikea.

This is a book case with girly play in mind. Feminine, without being over the top. A lovely reading, stitching corner. Check Ikea's Lack bookcase in red.

Dare to use color, unless you use natural, untreated wood. The usual woodsy tones look like fake and are quite boring in a child's room (or any personal space). Look how this beautiful blue/turquoise frames beautifully the grouping of books and toys. Any old bookcase can become interesting again with several coats of vibrant paint.

After the unexpected colors, let us turn to unexpected materials. On a Cath wallpaper, of course!

On the other hand, one may opt for the no color approach. As in these bookcases, where books have been turned around so that the spine does not show. Alternatively, they can be dressed in a white or brown craft paper for a minimalist or Scandinavian look.

And if you don't care that much about content, you can arrange books by colorway!

What little tricks do you use to keep your bookcases interesting and organised?

(Picture credits: Living, Posy, Anna-Maria Horner, Agnes, Yvestown)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Easter swap

A little late, I know, but here is the first bunch of pics from the Easter Bunny Swap! Sorry I didn't publish earlier!
I received this from Carina from Sweden. Thank you!

And this is from my swap partner Anna from Singapore. Hi there!

And these are the garlands that I made for my swap partners.

I've used craft paper, decoupage, stamps and raffia.
I also included in the parcel some shop bought Easter decorations and a couple of cards.

I loved making them, I hope you enjoy using them!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Calling all Cath Kidston lovers!

(Photo from Happy Loves Rosie).
Are you aware of the new book due to be published in October?
Yes, a new Cath Kidston book called Make will be out soon.

Cath is giving away 16 pattern templates of her favourite designs. Divided into chapters on different techniques, stencilling, appliqué, embroidery and patchwork her new book includes a collection of 30 projects (among them bags, cushions, clothes and stationery) as well as masses of extra ideas for how to use the patterns.

You may now pre-order Make at 34% off .

Also, if you do feel like needing a Spring lift at home, there is a weekend only 15% off on all items excluding fabric, wallpaper and sales. Click here from Friday 23rd to Monday 26th May inclusive. There is also up to 35% off summer fashion. So, let us count our nickels! Do not forget to print code 15CKSD.

I look forward to seeing your treasures on Flickr! Happy shopping!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I'd rather be in Megeve...

I know I promised to keep you posted on the old/new mag that was published yesterday.
And I will. There are a couple of interesting articles and shoots there, and some retro pics I know you'll like. (blame it on my Media past).
However, let me point this out to anyone dealing with aesthetics and text.
You have to more or less make up your mind. If you are going to do retro, then by all means do not feel guilty about it.
If you want to be avant- guarde, with distorted japanese faces and asylum white rooms, please do, though I may not click often.
You just can't please everyone, not even all that you are by pretending to be new, without indulging first in your rich past.
Otherwise you'll end up like those East Europeans recently adhering to the EU. God forbid!
That's why I'd rather be in Megeve right now. (Picture from the Sunday papers). No sandy beaches, no flashy bling. Just-be-yourself!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Old and new

It's here, dear friends.
Do I have visual treats for you!..

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New Old Mag

There is definitively a wave of nostalgia sweeping the western world!
Tomorrow sees the publication of a magazine title, called "Woman".
First published in 1950, it soon became the bible of the fashionable yet home conscious woman.
My mum read it all her life. I subscribed for ages and when I graduated from College, I was offered an internship. At the time I was quite snobbish when it came to fashion. I was afraid I might be considered not-so-serious by my peers. Little did I know. A few years later, fashion became ubber-fashionable again.
Here you can see gracing its covers Brigite Bardot and Grace Kelly, as well as Greek model Efi Mela (wife of fashion designer Yannis Tseklenis) and Dimitra Liani, the late PM's Andrea Papandreou's last wife.

I have already made a reservation in our local newsagents, and I shall keep you posted!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Athens Chic

Herodes Atticus street is one of the most beautiful in Athens. It is named after the Greek orator of the same name, a very wealthy and noble man. No wonder then that its inhabitants are rich and most of them of noble descent.
The ex-Royal, now Presidential palace as well as the Maximos building , housing the Prime Minister, can be found one block away on the same street. Below, the entrance to the Presidential Palace.

Typical entrance of an appartment building. This one by architect Staikos.

Staikos' descendant and interior of his apartment.

Mme Chandris, of the beau monde.

(All pistures above from K magazine).

When we visited Athens in the winter, we also toured that part of the city. Here are some more pictures of Embassies, Ministries and the leafy streets.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Modern in Bordeaux

A fresh take on modern. What I would call "modern with a soul". No extreme emptiness, here. No pretensions of knowledgeable nothingness. Elements of the past are respected, not ridiculed or distorted.

Well done.
(All pictures from the Greek issue of Casaviva).

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